Leap of Faith

Poached Eggs & Elephants It’s our first time flying over central Australia and the north west coast in daylight, and at minus seventy-three degrees and 43,000ft it is pretty spectacular to say the least. The intense red dirt landscape of Alice Springs just goes on forever and you can see the canyons and rock formations […]

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Earth Mothers

Earth Mothers. You know the ones I’m talking about. They are the mums at your child’s school that always look like they have come straight from Joh Bailey’s hair salon at 8.20am each and every morning. They dress to kill, have flawless make-up and unbelievably clever children that continuously win Student of the Week whilst […]

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Viva Italia


Planes, Trains & Automobiles Have you ever seen the booking.com television ad where the family arrive at their hotel exhausted, all hot and bothered after a huge journey, with the expectation that the hotel will be a complete fail because the father booked it online, sight unseen? Instead they arrive in paradise, to a room […]

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