Renovators Delight: Chapter 16

Cooking With Gas. Almost.

And it is Boxing Day.  Thirteen months and one week after making the big Xmas 1move next door we are still here. And I am just about done. Hubby was right when he said that the closer we got to  finishing the house the closer I would get to losing it.  Well, I have arrived.

I know this is going to sound selfish but I am simply tired of sharing. Sharing the bathroom with everyone. Sharing the wardrobe with The Girl. Sharing the bedroom floor with the dog. The kitchen table is constantly covered in colour swatches and tools, hardware brochures and Bunnings receipts, and I’m unsure whether I should be packing, unpacking or bracing myself ready to just throw everything in the car and drive it straight up the hill.


Hubby has toiled away relentlessly through the many changing seasons, design dilemmas, issues and set backs, trade changes, illness and chest infections, doing everything in his power to keep things moving, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep it together. I don’t know how he has done it.

House 2

But like me, the kitchen and pantry are just about done. The painting and tiling are almost complete and most of the appliances are in. Air conditioners in the kitchen and living areas have been fitted and after a minor (major) leak on Christmas Eve they are both now in good working order. Which is lucky because we have just experienced the hottest Christmas Day in eighteen years. A tropical 39’c in the shade. The days are long, the nights are warm and we are all counting down the weeks until we move.

House 4       House 6       House 7

On a positive note last week proved to be rather exciting. You may or may not recall some many months ago Hubby and I celebrated the finding of the long sought-after dining setting which was ordered for delivery at the end of the year. After much miscommunication between the sales department and manufacturing department it appeared that our setting had, in fact, not been ordered for delivery. The style had also been made obsolete which was Chairsclearly not helpful. As you can imagine this did not sit well with neither Hubby nor myself, and upon hearing this wonderful news Hubby was most displeased.

After a number of strong conversations the store eventually found us a table as well as ten replacement chairs, and it all worked out in the end which is just as well because the mere thought of having to go out and find another suitable setting at this late stage of the game was more than I think I could bare. A few days after it’s arrival the sofas that we stumbled across the day of The Boy’s footy game were delivered and finally, we could begin to see the pieces coming together.

aa111Skip forward a week, and Hubby and The Boy have been hard at it.  We have survived a mid-sized storm and about 75mm of rain dumped in 6 hours, all the while wondering whether or not we should in fact build an ark. There were no cracks, leaks or catastrophes to write home about, and at last all of the appliances are finally installed and plumbed, gassed, electrified and operational. We are literally cooking with gas. While Hubby works on finishing the bathrooms, I have been cleaning and starting to unpack some of the boxes we haven’t laid eyes on in well over a year.

Throw in a spontaneous BBQ dinner for nine Chinese business colleagues ofhouse-10 some really dear friends this week and we have definitely hit the lead up to the new year at full speed ahead. In fact I was quite proud of myself, given that I only had seven hours notice of the impending arrival, I didn’t blow a gasket or lose the plot.

Fun fact #29 which I had never given any thought to… In many parts of China the environment doesn’t lend itself to viewing the night sky very well. So much so, a huge percentage of the population will live their life without ever seeing the stars. And on a clear night where we live, the stars are all you see. So what a pleasure it was to be able to host these guests on a perfect balmy, clear summer evening in our almost complete new home. And what a relief to know it was as tidy as it will ever actually be.

Dee xx




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