Renovators Delight: Chapter 12


Riding The Waves November has arrived, and with it heralds the Spring Racing Carnival, spasmodically warmer weather and the one year anniversary of the reno’s commencement. Yes, we are over time. Possibly, we are over budget. But the events of the last four weeks have not only been unexpected, they’ve been unwanted and almost unbearable, […] more

Renovators Delight: Chapter 5

Reno 15

Marking Time We are now about four months into it. Going by Mr. Thirty-Three Percent’s calculations that should mean we are just over half way there. Living so close has been a God send, and Hubby has been toiling away diligently after work and on weekends so progress is consistent. Although it may not seem like a lot takes place […] more

Renovators Delight: Chapter 4


A Change Of Scenery Have you ever considered what it would be like to live the life of someone else? I mean, not necessarily live their exact life, work their job or raise their children, but live in their home. Cook in their kitchen, sit at their dining table and be surrounded by their belongings. […] more

Renovators Delight: Chapter 3

Reno 7

The Moment of Truth Demolition took place swiftly. I knew Hubby had a schedule to keep but quite frankly I didn’t expect to have no house this soon. Standing in what used to be our kitchen, memories of birthday parties and cooking failures, breakfasts with girlfriends and oven element deaths mid-way through attempting to burn […] more