Renovators Delight: Chapter 12

Riding The Waves

November has arrived, and with it heralds the Spring Racing Carnival, spasmodically warmer weather and the one year anniversary of the reno’s commencement. Yes, we are calendar-1over time. Possibly, we are over budget. But the events of the last four weeks have not only been unexpected, they’ve been unwanted and almost unbearable, making the time and budget scenario null and void.

I recently found myself back in hospital for an encore round of surgery. Not only has it make me one grumpy, sore and stitched up girl, housebound and gymless for longer than I care to admit, October signalled the beginning of our hectic season at work, which adds to the fury of my predicament. My Long Suffering Hubby took time off to care for me, which meant little progress was made for some time.

The sharing and caring doesn’t end there. As Hubby diligently visited me in hospital, he inevitably contracted a bug. And not just sicknessany bug. It was the Trojan Bug of Mega Chest Infections, rendering him completely unwell and unfit for renovating duties for weeks.  In fact, he wasn’t fit for any duties and the highlight of his days was blowing his nose and coughing up his lungs. We’ve gone through a dozen boxes of tissues, and all I could do was constantly change the sheets and follow him around with the Glen 20. The last thing I needed was to bust my stitches sneezing.

If the loss of the possum triplets last month wasn’t enough, we were in for more animal sadness. Almost nine years ago a young black brindle Staffy dogs-4came to live with our family after we lost our Boxer. Diesel was about four years old and in need of a good home. Until then he’d had a bit of a tumultuous life and never really knew what it was like to be part of a family. He was happy to be around people as long as there was a ball and didn’t care much for closeness or affection. It took a while but he eventually got the hang of things. Unable to dogs-1lay on his back, he would often sleep on one side with his legs sticking out making him look like a dead wombat, earning him the nickname Wombie. In return for a loving home and family, Wombie gave us unconditional love and loyalty. And taught us that dog farts always smell worse than a humans. We will really miss you buddy.

Along with post-surgery recovery comes post-surgery boredom. The inability to drive for a while, go to work, or don your runners and head off to the gym is bad enough, but when you can’t carry shopping bags, wood or push a wheelbarrow it reaches a whole new level.

Mum came up to babysit me on a number of occasions which meant only one thing. A bake off. A great Aussie favourite, the Lemon Slice, was at stake. After finding a recipe on the line, Mum followed it and I decided to wing it. How hard can it be.

bake-off-1               bake-off-5              bake-off-2

Well, I’ll tell you. It wasn’t actually that hard, however I did discover by following the recipe Mum’s version was far more edible than mine. Hers had a good chunky texture and stayed together quite well when icing was applied and cut into pieces. My version had the texture of a nursing home afternoon tea and looked like a pelican crapped on it. I can also tell you this. When all else fails, follow the Kids Fun Spot on the back of a cereal pack. The result is far more amusing than my cooking.


So. while Hubby has been sidelined with sickness, Sir Joe has had a setback with the cabinetry. Apparently the kitchen carcass has just been completed and is heading off to the place where they paint it. Or colour it. Or something. It should be back from holidays shortly. This delay meant the floor sanding and plumbing also needed to be rescheduled much to Hubby’s dismay, but on a positive note the bathroom tiling is well underway and paint colours have been selected. The Girl is even chipping in when she can, which is handy because she is definitely good with a paint brush.

house-4The glass man paid us a visit to measure up for the shower screens and the carpet man has been in to tidy up the seams where the carpet meets the floorboards. After a slight miscommunication of which I was possibly mostly to blame, we are now in possession of the correct kitchen cupboard doorknobs. Hubby’s mission to locate the perfect kitchen tap was successful, however it may take six weeks to arrive from the UK. And the sink drain plug thing has gone AWOL.

Needless to say, we are riding the waves of November. As long as it doesn’t turn into a tsunami I think everything will be fine.

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